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Do you have a mold problem in your home or business space? You have come to the right place. Premier Environmental Contracting Co offers quality mold removal services with the use of special equipment. We are the experts that can eliminate the mold in any area of your property in Lanham, MD. Our team will be able to deal with the mold in your home or commercial building along with the dust and dirt that has stuck on the surfaces. We only use top-quality tools and products. So, keep reading to see why our mold abatement services are your best choice.

Premier Environmental Contracting Co offers mold abatement service in Lanham, MD.

Professional Mold Abatement in Lanham, MD

Our Mold Removal Services

Our mold removal services are known for their efficiency and accuracy. We start with the inspection and let our team of experts find the specific area that is causing you problems. We can ensure that all the mold is removed from the areas we are going to clean. We use cutting-edge equipment to do that. Once we locate the mold in your house, we will make sure it is all removed. We will clean the area we have just cleaned to remove any mold we missed.


Reliable Mold Abatement in Lanham, MD

Inspection and Thorough Cleanup

We will do the inspection and cleanup for you and the removal after we detect mold in the area that you are most concerned about. Once we identify the problem area, we will use a resistance thermometer to locate the exact temperature of the mold on the surface, along with any spores that may have emerged from the growth. Once the area is inspected and the mold is removed, we will ensure we clean up everything. We will not leave any trace of the mold behind. This is important to ensure that the mold is gone and will not resurface after the fact. We will use special equipment to remove mold from any area and ensure it is completely removed. So, try our mold abatement service to see for yourself.


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